How does the subscription work?
You choose between buying a monthly, 3 or 6 month subscription. We offer free shipping to Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

When will my Pausbox arrive?
We send out the boxes in the middle of each month. When you sign up for a Pausbox subscription, your card will be charged directly. All subsequent electronic charges takes place on the same day each month until you decide to pause or cancel the service.

When we send the boxes to you, you get an email saying that the box is on the way. 

Can I send Pausbox as a gift?
Of course! Pausbox is a very nice and appreciated gift, even for those who have "everything" must eat!

You simply go to the "gift a box" page, and select the box you would like to give.

After you have created a new account with us, you can easily add a new recipients address under "Mina Adresser" in the customer portal. And then during the checkout process, be sure to click "Använd adress" after you have selected the appropriate recipient address. 

How do I cancel my subscription?
You can end or pause your subscription(s) at any time. You do this by logging into your "prenumerationskonto" and go to "mina prenumerationer" page. Here you can find all your active subscriptions and the ability to cancel.

Please note that your card is charged monthly on the same day you began the service each month. If you send your cancellation after this day of the current month, your subscription will end after the next box is sent.

What should I do if I still receive boxes after I cancel my subscription?
This happens sometimes and we expect you to inform you as soon as you have received an unpaid box. We allow you to keep the first box at no cost, but any subsequent box you continue to receive will be charged at full price, we assume you decided to continue your subscription with us until you inform us otherwise. Charges will be made retroactively when we make our annual accounts.

How do I resume my subscription with Pausbox?
Log in to your "prenumerationskonto" and then go to "ge bort / beställ". From here, you can complete the checkout process as usual.


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