How can I see what's inside a Pausbox?
Under "previous boxes" in the menu, you see what we sent home or to an office in our last month's Pausbox. Each box is designed to create a surprise experience, so advanced knowledge of the contents is limited.

I want to buy more of a single product, how can I?
You will find a description of the products in your Pausbox along with tips on where they are sold. It is likely your favorite products were imported exclusively for Pausbox and are not available in Sweden. This is one of the main reasons why our customers continue to be amazed by the service Pausbox provides.


What should I do if I do not like a product?

We hope this is never the case but if it does happen, please tell us about it on our contact form. We always keep our customers' opinions in mind, and will do our best to accomodate their concerns.

Are all products vegetarian and vegan in your boxes?
Our boxes contain a diverse range of products, many of which are vegetarian and vegan friendly. In the current situation we do not guarantee vegetarian or vegan options.

How do you decide what products to send each month?
Our team is constantly searching the web and local shops for ideas. If we see something interesting, we first determine if it meets are health and dietary guidlines. If they pass this test, we sample the products prior to including them in the boxes.

I'm allergic to some ingredients, what should I do?
We can not guarantee that your box is free from ingredients that cause allergic reactions. We try our best to make sure products are as clean as possible and without any unnecessary additives.


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